Video Testimonials. A Powerful Marketing Tool

What better way to reach consumers and move them through the sales process than using testimonials from satisfied customers. Testimonials come in many forms but a multimedia offering like video combined with a customer testimonial can deliver the information your audience is looking for.

So what makes video testimonials different than a typical text based testimonial? I’ve outlined a few ways that will help you understand how valuable a video testimonial can be — giving your audience the knowledge and reassurance they need to contact you or purchase your product.

An Emotional Connection

One of the great advantages to video testimonials is they not only show you who is doing the reviewing but connects consumers with the reviewer on an emotional level — they hear the facts, they see it in their expressions. It’s authentic, giving the consumer a real person to relate to — building trust in their review and in your offerings. A plain text testimonial just can’t deliver the same impact.

It’s not Sales Talk

There’s no better way to convert a potential sale than hearing about your product from a peer. If your audience has reservations, all the marketing materials in your company can’t break through their doubts. A video testimonial gives you the voice of a satisfied customer which in turn helps to move the audience to being a more qualified purchaser.

On Their Time

Your consumers are busy and they don’t always have time to meet with sales staff or pour over your materials. Video testimonials give them the information they need on their time and in an easy to consume format. Whether at home in the evening or riding the train to the office — the internet has given consumers more time to pursue products and gives you, the marketer, more avenues to reach your audience.


Word-of-mouth referrals are still one of the best ways to get business. Video testimonials allow you to reach multiple people in a shorter amount of time. By putting your video testimonial on your website as well as YouTube and/or Vimeo you are opening up the opportunity to attract hundreds if not thousands of consumers simultaneously.

These are just a few reasons video testimonials are a powerful marketing tool. By including video testimonials in your sales efforts you are giving your consumers information they want and need to make an informed buying decision.

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