Video marketing is here to stay

It’s no secret. Video marketing is here to stay. But why should you incorporate video marketing into your content marketing strategy?

First, the future is video

A recent study from Cisco predicts that by 2019 video will comprise about 80% of all web traffic worldwide. In fact, web video stats for the U.S. are even more impressive coming in at 85%.

Video improves your SEO results

Let’s do some math. You’ve heard the saying — a picture is worth 1,000 words. Let’s say we shot your video at 30 frames per second. That’s equivalent to 30 pictures. Now let’s multiply that 30 pictures by 1,000 words. That’s right. A whopping 30,000 words per second. So say your video is one minute long. That makes the value of that one minute video 1.8 million words — or the equivalent of approximately 3,600 typical web pages.

With YouTube the second largest search engine in the world after Google (who owns YouTube by the way) tagging your videos, using keywords and utilizing video transcripts combined with adding videos to your website makes a page one Google search result 50 times more likely.

Your company should have an explainer video

Explainer videos, which like they have become incredibly effective in growing a business. 98% of users say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn about a particular product or service and 85% of people are more likely to buy a product once they see an accompanying explainer video.

You’ll sell more effectively with video

Businesses using video grow company revenue 49% faster year-over-year than companies without. 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision-making process and including a video on your landing page can increase conversion by 80%

Offer your consumers what they want, where they want it

Today online video accounts for half of all mobile traffic. In fact, averaging 1 hour and 55 minutes per day — 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

Your business needs video in order to remain competitive now and in the future.

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