Aligning Video with your Marketing Goals

Having a video sales funnel strategy is the right move for your company and needs to be an important part of your overall marketing strategy. You already know a sales funnel, or buying process, is the path prospects follow while considering products or offerings.

But how does video fit into the funnel and your overall marketing strategy?

Each part of the sales funnel has different video types and optimization strategies which increase the likelihood of conversions — letting you influence your prospects during the buying process.

Top of the Funnel Content
Awareness: offer the prospect useful information

In the top section of the funnel you need to take a high-level approach with your videos. Potential prospects in the top of the funnel are recognizing they are in need of certain services and are beginning their research. This is where you show them you offer what they need.

  • Educational Videos
  • Repurposed Webinars
  • How-to Videos
  • Company Culture Videos

Middle of the Funnel Content 
Consideration: show the prospects you are best option

The middle of the funnel is where you begin to more deeply inform your more qualified prospects about your product or offerings. This is the prospects contemplation stage. They have been researching not only your company so this is where you need to inform them your product is the one they need.

  • FAQ Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Case Studies

Bottom of the Funnel Content
Decision: build trust with the prospect and close the sale

This is where you make the conversion. It’s time to build trust through authenticity with your prospects. Videos created for the bottom of the funnel help you close the sale.

  • Product Demos
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Review Videos

So thinking strategically and crafting your videos properly for the sales funnel for your target audience will help you grow your business.

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